• Welcome

    The key aim of the East London Teaching School Alliance is to build a collegiate professional Alliance that is open, transparent and rigorous and which focuses upon improving opportunities for children to raise their achievement and aspirations by being able to access outstanding education.

    We will achieve this through:

    • Developing an ethos within the Alliance built upon shared vision, values and mutual respect
    • Working for the provision of the very best education for ALL pupils , not just own school
    • Developing outstanding leaders and outstanding teachers
    • Offering high quality professional development opportunities at all levels in order to strengthen the quality of our teachers and leaders
    • Coordinating the work of the professionals within the Alliance in order to further impact on the provision our children experience
    • Being rigorous in Quality Assurance for our programmes and support
    • Offering the highest quality teacher training for School Direct, PGCE and any other relevant routes
    • Communicating effectively with all schools to work together and be fully inclusive with who wishes to work with the Alliance
    • Ensuring that all provision is fully accessible and inclusion is at the forefront
    • Developing partnership working with and between schools to raise aspiration, ambition, expectation and standards in all schools.
    • Enabling the sharing of best practice to provide accelerated pupil progress
    • Having a measurable impact model, ensuring standards and expectations
    • Learning from each other
    • Exploring professional development opportunities with the universities
    • Developing cross phase working-learning
    • Developing a real model of research and development within the alliance
  • Join Us

    A small number of places in this new and growing alliance available now

    Why join ELTSA?

    • No membership fee
    • Access to free school to school support from a wide range of Lead Practitioners and SLEs
    • Free professional development available
    • An alliance of “like-minded” people who care about the young people of East London and beyond
    • Make use of School Direct to help recruit and retain quality staff
    • A chance to share and develop innovative practice
    • OLEVI programmes run by licensed schools with fully trained OLEVI facilitators
    • Partner schools in Sweden
    • A real commitment to Research and Development that will have an impact

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